Music Technology Grant Provides $10,000 Worth of Equipment

Music to our ears! Mr. Brad Davis, Cannon’s Director of Upper School Band, Jazz, and Music Technology, recently applied for and received a music technology grant for software and equipment worth $10,000. Cannon is now the proud recipient of 25 licenses for Ableton Live – a software sequencer and digital audio workstation frequently used by professional musicians, and 12 Ableton push units – hands-on workstations which facilitate the creation of beats, bass, chords, and melodies from interfacing with 64 illuminated pads on the tablet.

musictech“Through use of this new gear, the kids will be able to quickly create their own original drum beats, lay down bass lines and chords, and in short create their own music – without prior mastery of any traditional instrument. In short order, they are evolving from just being consumers of music to now being creators of music,” said Mr. Davis.

Be sure to stop by the Upper School and have a listen!