Wonderful Winterm

Maddie & MargaretEach Upper School student at Cannon recently participated in Winterm, a week-long intensive course offering of his or her choice. More than forty course offerings were available for students, taught by faculty and staff. Some students participated in trips, such as a Sea Island Habitat for Humanity trip and an Arts and Culture Trip to New York City. However, most students stayed local, taking courses such as Introduction to Strength Training and Conditioning, Community Service with Taylor Glen Retirement Community Residents, Med School 101, Oil Painting, and Introduction to Diving.

Russ Campbell, Upper School teacher and Winterm Coordinator, led the Habitat for Humanity trip. “You can see how the kids learn to get outside their comfort zone, and as a result, grow together as a group. The experience is hard work, but also a lot of fun,” he said.

Maddie Woods ’18 participated in the Community Service with Taylor Glen Retirement Community.  She was paired with resident Margaret Cosier (pictured above) and the two quickly developed a bond.

“During my week at Taylor Glen, I learned incomparable life lessons that I believe will change the impact I leave on the world greatly. The strong relationship I built with Margaret, despite our differences in age and background, is something that I cherish with all of my heart and a memory that left me in tears at the end of our week together. Without my week at Taylor Glen, I doubt I would be quite as patient, kind, or as thoughtful as I am today, and it is all thanks to Margaret,” Maddie said.

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