ADVISORY AGENDA December 16, 2014

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I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.”
Khalil Gibran



                                                                                                      Day 4 schedule No Drops

                                               Birthdays: Annie Earnshaw

House Standings

Animus Shield Humanitas Shield 2 Impetus Shield  Integritas Shield
               250 points          167 points             263 points           257   points


Cougar News (Talent Show)


Core Value

dec161Emma Kate Bentley-Gottel, Kate Frankenberg, and Meredith Haddock demonstrated KINDNESS when they helped Mrs. Reulbach decorate her room for Christmas!

Thank you Halimah Majed, Meredith Haddock and Maddie Woods for showing TEAMWORK by raising and lowering the flag!

Thank you to Jake Diskin, Dalton Phillips, and Katie McClanahan for showing TEAMWORK and moving furniture this week!

Dalton Phillips, Jakob Diskin, Matt Jackson, Justin Boyd, and Sarah Dockery all showed teamwork after the basketball game when the cleaned up a mess left in the bleachers! Great Job everyone!

The band brought the crowd to their feet.

The band brought the crowd to their feet.

Allyson Slattery showed TEAMWORK by taking and reporting attendance in advisory for several days.  Thank you Allyson!

Zack Olguin and Catie Kuralt showed TEAMWORK when they cleaned up the entire commons late on Thursday evening.

Hope Springate showed integrity when she alerted her teacher to an error in grading in her favor.




Reminder: please check lost and found before Friday.    There are several  jackets ,clothes etc that need a home.  All items will be donated over the break.


Wrap in dancers brought Holiday Cheer!

Wrap in dancers brought Holiday Cheer!

HEY everyone!

If you want to DRESS DOWN during exam week it is 5 dollars which goes to supporting the senior gift. The senior gift committee will be in the atrium in the mornings collecting money as well as outside of foundationhall during lunch. You can also give your money to Rollins Johnson, Katie Cooper, or Harrison Barone.

*If you are in dress down next week without paying it will be an infraction*

Thanks so much!

The Senior Gift Committee


After school events:


none today