ADVISORY AGENDA November 12, 2014

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                                     ” Peace, it doesn’t mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” unknown


                                                                                                      Day 3 schedule Social Studies Drops

                                               Birthdays: Clay Maguire

House Standings

Animus Shield Humanitas Shield 2 Impetus Shield  Integritas Shield
               16 points          15 points             19 points             10  points

Cougar News


Core Value


computer time with a friend.

computer time with a friend.

Thank you Zac Venos, Dalton Phillips, Cam Sutton, and especially Ben Wyatt for making, Mrs. Smith’s son, Hartley, feel like one of the football players. Seeing him love Cannon football has been a great joy! Thank you for your KINDNESS and TEAMWORK!


Zac Venos showed KINDNESS when he helped Mrs. Smith my cleaning her whiteboards and organizing her classroom! Thank you so much!



Today (11/12) the US library is closed E Block (2:05 -3:00) in order to host an AP Psychology activity.

Freshmen – Charged laptops are required for your Freshman Seminar on Wednesday in Foundation Hall.  Prior to this session you need to use the password sent to you via email to log into Family Connections.  If you have questions contact Kristin McClanahan in College Counseling.

Teresa was focused.

Focused Teresa



There will be a Math Competition  on Tuesday, November 18, 2014  in Mr. Scurlock’s room during lunch. It will start promptly at 11:22 AM. You can win iTunes gift cards just by attending.Teams of three people are allowed to enter the competition. Come join!

There will be an athletic signing in Taylor Hall at 11:15am on Wednesday, November 12. All seniors and all teammates of the signees are invited to attend. Congratulations to Noah Edmondson, Davis Kiger, Will Gordon, Anthony Perrino, Anna Redding, Annie Collum, Jordan Wallace, Savannah Gandy and Patrick Hunter.


Caroline working with middle school leaders.

Caroline working with middle school leaders.

Students are invited to participate in the second annual International Festival!


The festival is a celebration of the many cultures that form the Upper School. Students are invited to represent a country of their heritage or a country close to their “heart.”


The festival is scheduled for Friday, November 21st during student life (10:20 – 11:15) in Taylor Hall


This year’s theme focuses on the festivals and holidays of a country. Students are asked to share the details and practices that define the

festivals and/or holidays.  Below are some ideas to consider:

Students working after school in the Commons

Students working after school in the Commons

  • The flag of your country
  • Photographs
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Artifacts
  • Music
  • Traditional clothing
  • Foods (with ingredients listed)



Certainly! You may work on your own or, if you prefer, work with a friend.

Harrison teaches a leadership lunch with Caroline.

Harrison teaches a leadership lunch with Caroline.


Countries already represented include:

Argentina,Bahamas,Chile,China,Colombia,Costa Rica,Finland,France,Guatamala,India,Jamaica,La República Dominicana,Mexico,Nicaragua,Panamá,Perú,Poland,Puerto Rico,Serbia,South Korea,Spain,Switzerland,Uruguay .A country may be represented by more than one team.



If you are interested in representing a country, please email Mr. Kmidowski with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your country you will represent


Cannon Theater Company is excited to present the first ever theater production to be performed in the Cannon Performing Arts Center! “Hay Fever” is a play about a hilariously dysfunctional family in 1920s London, and was performed to uproarious laughter this past weekend at the North Carolina Theater Conference. Our performances at Cannon will feature a few extra scenes and songs, as well as a brief presentation by sophomore Sara Serulneck on the playwright Noel Coward. Come join us next week Thurs Nov 13, Fri Nov 14, and Sat Nov 15 @ 7:00pm-8:30pm.

Middle school students performing a task set out by Caroline and Harrison

Middle school students performing a task set out by Caroline and Harrison


the service (fundraiser approval process) changes:

  1. Administrative Team Level – We will engage in up to two school-wide service projects each year (division heads will be the first point of contact if further projects are proposed).  We will call for proposals on May 1, and ask that they be turned in on June 1.  The administrative team will then spend retreat time (possibly) to decide which one(s) will be school wide.  The planning begins at that time and owners are designated.  This year’s school wide projects are as follows: the Student Hunger Drive (US & MS), Project Wrap-in (US, MS & LS), and the JDRF walk in the Spring.  These may change next year.
  2. Division initiatives in addition to the school-wide initiatives will be at the discretion of the Division Head, and if the Heads decide to join forces that is an option.
  3. Student-led initiatives (fundraisers, etc.) will remain in the division in which they are initiated, and other divisions will NOT be “solicited” for participation.
  4. Any project involving the raising of funds or materials, must be approved by the Division Head, the Director of Community Outreach in that division, and the Advancement office through a form available on the Community Outreach Haiku page.
  5. Publication of fundraising efforts will be done with a “click through” in the Cupola or other Push pages indicating that parents have an option to view these projects and get involved but only if they are interested.  This page will change based on current projects, summaries of concluded projects, etc.
  6. Celebration/Publication of service projects may take the form of the same “click through” page, or perhaps a feature in Cannon Magazine.
  7. Capstones/Cornerstones – MS and US Division Heads have encouraged minimal fundraising efforts, but this will be at the discretion of lead teachers.  Fundraising efforts should follow the same intra-Division policy as listed in items 2 and 3.  Solicitation or participation involving  other divisions might come from a Capstone Mentor or Cornerstone teacher.


Dress in green on Friday.

Dress in green on Friday.

“FCA is going to the Operation Christmas Child packaging center on Friday, December 19 from 10-4. If you are interested email Taylor Stevanovski at as soon as you can as only 15 spots are available.”



After school events