ADVISORY AGENDA November 7, 2014

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                                     ” Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. “-Eleanor Roosevelt


                                                                                                      Day 5  schedule No Drops

                                                                       10:20- community meeting in cpac
                                               Birthdays:  none today 11/9 Kelli Baker, Allie Dressler, Thomas Koehler, Kendall Thomas

House Standings

Animus Shield Humanitas Shield 2 Impetus Shield  Integritas Shield
               16 points          15 points             19 points             10  points

Cougar News


Core Value


Davis Nelson, Caroline Schauder and Zoe Green showed tremendous INTEGRITY when they cleaned up the hallway mess that was left behind by some students in the Junior class.  GRRRR!!!

Erin Norton, Kendall Thomas, Tyler Haritan, and Matthew Borst demonstrated PASSION when they shared their Cougars On-Site experience with the Junior class during lunch.  Thank you!

Harris Wellborn demonstrated TEAMWORK when he allowed his teacher to use his computer for a close reading film activity.  Thanks, Harris!

Maren McCrary demonstrated KINDNESS when she held the door open for a Middle School student following basketball practice. Way to go, Maren!




There will be an athletic signing in Taylor Hall at 11:15am on Wednesday, November 12. All seniors and all teammates of the signees are invited to attend. Congratulations to Noah Edmondson, Davis Keiger, Will Gordon, Anthony Perrino, Anna Redding, Annie Collum, Jordan Wallace, Savannah Gandy and Patrick Hunter.


If you are interested in learning about the Oxbridge Study Abroad their representative will be on campus on November 11th at 9:40 in room 616.  You may register on Family Connections to attend with permission from your teacher.  Freshmen – if you would like to attend please email  to register once you have gotten permission from your teacher to attend.

Senior lounge celebrates senior athletes.

Senior lounge celebrates senior athletes.

 Leadership lunch today in Foundation Hall at 11:15 with Coach Cox. 


Students are invited to participate in the second annual International Festival!

Lady cougars.

Lady cougars.


The festival is a celebration of the many cultures that form the Upper School. Students are invited to represent a country of their heritage or a country close to their “heart.”


The festival is scheduled for Friday, November 21st during student life (10:20 – 11:15) in Taylor Hall


Mr. Hurtado and other faculty members are beginning to enjoy the strength and conditioning center. It's awesome.

Mr. Hurtado and other faculty members are beginning to enjoy the strength and conditioning center. It’s awesome.

This year’s theme focuses on the festivals and holidays of a country. Students are asked to share the details and practices that define the festivals and/or holidays.  Below are some ideas to consider:

  • The flag of your country
  • Photographs
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Artifacts
  • Music
  • Traditional clothing
  • Foods (with ingredients listed)


Certainly! You may work on your own or, if you prefer, work with a friend.

Who is this dapper man?

Who is this dapper man?


Countries already represented include:

Argentina,Bahamas,Chile,China,Colombia,Costa Rica,Finland,France,Guatamala,India,Jamaica,La República Dominicana,Mexico,Nicaragua,Panamá,Perú,Poland,Puerto Rico,Serbia,South Korea,Spain,Switzerland,Uruguay .A country may be represented by more than one team.

House games brought faculty together.

House games brought faculty together.



If you are interested in representing a country, please email Mr. Kmidowski with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your country you will represent


Cannon Theater Company is excited to present the first ever theater production to be performed in the Cannon Performing Arts Center! “Hay Fever” is a play about a hilariously dysfunctional family in 1920s London, and was performed to uproarious laughter this past weekend at the North Carolina Theater Conference. Our performances at Cannon will feature a few extra scenes and songs, as well as a brief presentation by sophomore Sara Serulneck on the playwright Noel Coward. Come join us next week Thurs Nov 13, Fri Nov 14, and Sat Nov 15 @ 7:00pm-8:30pm.

Congratulations to the varsity football team for securing the # 4 seed in the NCISAA Playoffs.  Cannon School will

Charming Kristin ready to play.

Charming Kristin ready to play.

play Harrells Christian

Academy on Friday, November 7 at 7:00 pm at Cannon School.  

Please be aware of the admission policy of the NCISAA:

ADMISSION: For first and second rounds, admission is $7.00 per person.  For the semi-final and championship games, admission is $10.00 per person and $7.00 for NCISAA students.  Children under the age of eight are admitted free.  100% of gate receipts, after approved expenses, are due the NCISAA.

Students, Faculty & Staff, and Cougar Club Members will be charged the fee above of $ 7.00 per adult and $ 5.00 for students. 



“FCA is going to the Operation Christmas Child packaging center on Friday, December 19 from 10-4. If you are interested email Taylor Stevanovski at as soon as you can as only 15 spots are available.”

building a catapult.

building a catapult.


After school events


Home Football game tonight at 7pm.