ADVISORY AGENDA September 10, 2014

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                                             “Be thankful for the bad things in life. For they opened your eyes to the good things you weren’t paying attention to before.”-                                                                                unknown.

                                                                                                      Day 2 Math drops

                                               Birthdays: Michael Sofio

House Standings

Animus Shield Humanitas Shield 2 Impetus Shield  Integritas Shield
               223 points          239 points            312 points            212 points

Cougar News


Core Value

 Caroline Malmstrom demonstrated COURAGE when she agreed to write an article for an upcoming parent push page. Way to meet a challenge!

Tennis team rocks!

Tennis team rocks!

Theresa  Dornburg showed incredible KINDNESS when she volunteered a young lady from Germany for a few upcoming school days. Thank You!

A little Ruddy Cougar growl.

A little Ruddy Cougar growl.


Matt Jackson and Drew Balsbough demonstrated RESPECT when they cleaned up all of the trash left in Foundation Hall after a meeting. Way to go guys!!!

Davis Kiger showed TEAMWORK when he helped his classmates print documents.

Michael Sanders showed RESPECT when he took a tray abandoned in the windowsill of the stairwell to the cafeteria.

Taylor Stevanovski showed KINDNESS at the end of lunch when she brought in a pile of empty trays from the quad. Thank you to Taylor for cleaning up after lunch!

Camille Harley demonstrated PASSION when she located interesting facts about The Merchant of Venice and sent them to her teacher to share with the class.  Thank you!


 Please be sure to keep our school clean! The Commons , Cafeteris and Quad are great places to gather however we need to treat these areas with respect and clean up after ourselves. Cannon is our home, lets keep it beautiful. Do your part!

FRESHMEN: If you are interested in serving as the Honor Council Intern, please submit your story to Dean Booker by September 16th at 3pm.  Dean Booker and Ms. Lineberger have the forms.


Smile, you're on Blog camera!

Smile, you’re on Blog camera!

Paw Passes  will be distributed at Friday’s volleyball home game at 6! Come and get a paw pass so that you can keep track of your attendance at sporting events  and get on your way to earning a dress down day after you attend 6 Cannon events!

Upper School Students: Please do not use the “Rush Zone”.  It is for the Middle School only.  Thank you.

10th Grade Advisory/HOUSE Challenge! Wear your Outward Bound boots to break them in and receive house points! The male and female advisory with the most students wearing boots each day will compete to win points for their house. Every day this week between Tuesday-Friday!


A Lower School student is  missing a black backpack with a Gator appliqué on the front. If you see it, please

return it to the main office. Thanks


Geoff photo.

Sibling love at dismissal

House Impetus Members:

This week we will be having our first House service project! Friday during Student Choice in the Library Annex we will be making cards and letters of appreciation to send to the U.S. Military through Operation Gratitude. You will be paired with your buddy and together you will make several cards to send! We will provide construction paper and markers, but you are welcome to bring in anything else you wish to use to decorate your cards.

If you would like to learn more about Operation Gratitude, here is the link to their website:

Mr. Ruddy's class already discussing video for Half Way There.

Mr. Ruddy’s class already discussing video for Half Way There.


Class of 2018! Are you interested in leadership? Do you want to be a voice for your peers? Elections for Freshmen Student Council Representatives will be held during the Beach Trip. Please submit a typed speech to Dean Ramsey  and pick up a copy of the Student Council By-laws by Friday, September 12 at 3 pm.  Contact any current member of Student Council if you have questions.


Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors:  Please sign up on Family Connections to attend these upcoming  information sessions with visiting College Representatives:

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors: Register on Family Connections to meet with College Representatives from the following colleges:


9/10/14: Tufts University

Working quietly during English drop.

Working quietly during English drop.

Meredith College

Bucknell University

Rhodes College

9/11/14: Johns Hopkins University

Using drop wisely.

Using drop wisely.

9/12/14 Greensboro College

9/15/14: Furman University

9/16/14: Kenyon College



Prep for SAT Test: Cannon will offer the Princeton Review SAT Workshop twice during the school year: Fall (10/18-11/20) and Winter (1/31-3/7). The

cost of $450 includes all materials, scored pre and post-tests, and 18 hours of instruction. For details on meeting dates and times and for online

registration, visit the SAT prep site on the Cannon webpage.


After school events

Mrs. Davis' class working on creating words using the Periodic Table. What fun!

Mrs. Davis’ class working on creating words using the Periodic Table. What fun!

Warrior Golf Course
4:00 PM
Location: Salisbury High School
Golf (fall) Varsity Girls vs Salisbury High School

Tennis (Fall) Girls JV
4:15 PM
Location: Charlotte Latin
Tennis (Fall) Girls JV vs Charlotte Latin

Congrats boys!

Congrats boys!



Senior Lounge time.

Senior Lounge time.

Outward Bound Parent Meeting
6:15 PM to 7:00 PM
Location: Foundation Hall
[More Details]

Making the Most of High School
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Location: Taylor Hall
[More Details]

Staying Focused for College Planning – Grade 10
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Location: Foundation Hall
[More Details]