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                                            ” We can become the masters of our own destinies by practicing self-discipline, and by setting worthy goals.”- Russell Ballard.

                                                                                 Day 5 No  drop

                                               Student Life: Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen– Honor Council speeches in Taylor Hall

                                                                           Seniors : meet in committees .


 Birthdays:   Ellen Gordon, Trevor Fernald, Makenzie O’Brien

House Standings

Animus Shield Humanitas Shield 2 Impetus Shield Integritas Shield






                                                                       Core Values

Darby West, Tiffany Knox, Donovan Patterson, Felix Labus, Chad Clinard, Charley Powell, Allie Gray, Caitlin Brewer, Everett Craven,

Prom invitations brought smiles to faces.

Prom invitations brought smiles to faces.

Chris Batchelor,  Trevor Fernald, Eric Fromke, Grant Gossage, Ryan Marks, Jake Jenike, Matthew Randolph, Tyler Ventura, Zack Olguin, Drew Weinstock, Darby West, Cassidy Goff, Erin Mason, Hannah Stewart, Ellen Montgomery, Dante Lowe, Ayesha Syed, Kamil Manzoor, Jessica Abel, Sam Oddo, John Dockery, Brad Schlosser, Evan Wimbish, Anna Estep, Iliana Ragnone, Larkin Felker, Kendall Thomas, Ben Wyatt, Thomas Price, Jack Amoroso, Lucas Anderson, Zach King, Jordan Jackson, and Harrison Barrone all demonstrated TEAMWORK and KINDNESS when they helped out our 4th graders by making themselves available to be interviewed during their lunch break. Thanks so much!!!

Danny Brenner showed KINDNESS when he picked up trash in the hallway so that Dr. Donah would not have to.

Delivering prom invitations.

Delivering prom invitations.


Public Proclamations:


Italy Winterm 2015: If you are interested in travelling to Italy and learning about the Art and Architecture of Italy from the Classical to the Baroque for next year’s winterm, the last information and enrollment meeting is on Thursday, March 27th at 6:15 PM in Foundation Hall. Enrollment decisions need to be finalized by the end of March. If you have any questions please contact Jason Wise or Rebecca Eury


On May 3rd, there will be a 3v3 soccer tournament at Cannon! It is going to be for fun and everyone gets a tshirt if they make a team so even if you have never played soccer before, it was still be a blast! All money goes towards the SpokesGroup in Charlotte. If interested, there are flyers on the Capstone board in the English wing or talk to Jake Flynn or Anna Estep. 


Fun participating in Socratic Seminar on Frankenstein.

Fun participating in Socratic Seminar on Frankenstein.

The following college representatives will be on campus in room 616 to speak with current sophomores, juniors and seniors about their colleges.  Please sign up on Family Connections if you would like to attend a session. 

University of North Carolina at Asheville 4/9/14 8:55 AM      


Interested in leadership????  Look into the Free Enterprise Leadership Challenge.  The cost is $125 for the entire week, and that includes lodging, meals, and materials.

You are invited...

You are invited…


4th graders visit to interview our upper school athletes.

4th graders visit to interview our upper school athletes.

 Honor Council Speeches will be held today! 

Houses will begin to look for Head Boys and Girls on March 25th.   Student interested in helping their Houses should get in

touch with the current Head Boy or Girl of their House and be prepared to present a resume and  interview for positions within the House structure

Class Representatives April 8th speeches (these elections will be by grade-level.)  Please submit speeches to Dean

Ramsey by April 2nd to be eligible.  If you are interested in running for an office, or you have any questions about the above roles, please seek the advice of one of the following:

Student Council: Sherry Harley or Dean Ramsey   Honor Council: Dean Booker or Beth Lineberger   House leadership: Tom Booker 








After School Events:

Looks like a fourth grader is really getting to know our athlete as he sits in Trojan's office.

Looks like a fourth grader is really getting to know our athlete as he sits in Trojan’s office.

Carmel High School Invitational – Carmel Country Club South

Ellen being interviewed... how sweet.

Ellen being interviewed… how sweet.

Location: Carmel Country Club
Golf – Boys vs TBA

Catching up with alumni.

Catching up with alumni.