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                                          ” Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die tomorrow.”- James Dean

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                                                                       Core Values

  Shout out and congratulations to: Dom Pelucio who  got 2nd chair out of 22 Honors 2nd Violins, Akash Kejriwal 2nd chair and Bailey Middleton

High five for Sarah's core value!

High five for Sarah’s core value!

Cougar growl for Mohit.

Cougar growl for Mohit.

got 5th chair out of 15 Repertory Cellos!




The following students showed PASSION when they shared their ideas on the college search and application process with a representative from Elon

Students are free to express themselves at Cannon.

Students are free to express themselves at Cannon.

University. Sydney Frankenberg, Nick Rossitch,Ellen Montgomery,Nikita Samant,Bryana Williams,Angela Poffenbaugh,Akash Kejrwal.

Meghan Hendry and Ansley Martin showed KINDNESS when they helped put up posters for the upcoming student elections.

Public Proclamations:

 Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors: A College Admissions Representative from Cabarrus College of Health Sciences will be on-campus TODAY at 9:40 a.m. to discuss their programs and majors.  If you would like to meet with this representative, please get permission from your teacher and then come to college counseling

Mr. Cromwell engaged students as he taught about the dangers of cybercrimes.

Mr. Cromwell engaged students as he taught about the dangers of cybercrimes.

 The National English Honor Society will have a MANDATORY meeting on Thursday, March 6 during student choice in Mrs. Stavrakis’ room . Please plan on attending.


Student Council Speeches are on March 10th, the deadline to run for office is March 5th with a speech submitted to Dean Ramsey by 9am on March 6th. 

Honor Council Speeches will be on March 24th (the day we return from Spring Break) with a speech submitted to Dean Booker by 9am on March 13th.

Houses will begin to look for Head Boys and Girls on March 25th.   Student interested in helping their Houses should get in touch with the current Head Boy or Girl of their House and be prepared to present a resume and  interview for positions within the House structure

Juniors enjoyed exploring the roaring 20's in English class.

Juniors enjoyed exploring the roaring 20’s in English class.

Class Representatives April 8th speeches (these elections will be by grade-level.)  Please submit speeches to Dean Ramsey by April 2nd to be eligible.  If you are interested in running for an office, or you have any questions about the above roles, please seek the advice of one of the following:

Student Council: Sherry Harley or Dean Ramsey   Honor Council: Dean Booker or Beth Lineberger   House leadership: Tom Booker 



          It’s that time of year again:


The Prom Committee is currently in the process of choosing music for the dance.  So we can make this year’s dance the best it can be, we need your help.  If you have any songs you are excited to dance to at prom, please send those to either Darby West (  ) , Rollins Johnson ( ), Ryan Murphy ( ), or Tori Campbell ( ). Your ideas are greatly needed and appreciated!  Please submit your suggestions by Thursday, March 6th! Thanks so much for all of your help!!

**We will not provide any other details at this time!! J


Prom Committee 2014


Butter Braid sale March 3-14

Delivery April 17th.

Proceeds benefit Senior Day Away sponsored by Student Council.

Dont’ miss out on the yumminess!

Teenage ninja turtle in the Cannon house!

Teenage ninja turtle in the Cannon house!




After School Events:

Speakeasy day in English.

Speakeasy day in English.

Boys Golf: at Irish Creek Country Club.