Parent Ambassador Network Established


Two important Cannon School committees are merging!

New Family Connections (NFC) and the Parent Ambassador Group (PAG), the two Cannon Connections parent volunteer committees that work with the Admission Office, are joining forces to create one new group, the Parent Ambassador Network (PAN).

PAN replaces NFC and PAG, and will continue the work both committees have been doing. PAN members establish connections with prospective families from the time they first show interest in Cannon through the application process.

Then, upon a new family’s enrollment at Cannon, PAN will continue its mission to connect families through the well-established Cannon host family program.

“The new Parent Ambassador Network enables us to connect current Cannon School parents with prospective parents early on in the process,” says Bill Diskin, Director of Admission. “These relationships are so important as a family is exploring school options for their children.”

If you are a current member of either New Family Connections or the Parent Ambassador Group, the Admission Office looks forward to your continued volunteer help in welcoming prospective and new families to Cannon.