Affording a Cannon School education

Too often, parents will rule out looking at an independent school option for their children as soon as they see the cost of annual tuition.  financial-aid-101

While the cost of independent schools is definitely a factor that needs to be considered as part of the exploration process, it is important for parents to know that most independent schools offer significant financial aid grants to qualified families. 

“There is no way we could afford the full tuition for our son,” on parent told me recently.  “But once we learned that we qualified for financial aid we were able to make it work in our budget.  The investment is well worth it!”

And, as I often point out when I am meeting with prospective families, the income levels among qualifying families are often higher than you’d expect. 

To learn more about the financial aid program at Cannon School, take a few minutes to view our Financial Aid Webninar.

Also, for families looking for alternatives to financial aid, there are a number of banks that make low interest loans for K-12 education costs.

Cannon School is a JrK – 12 independent school located in Concord, NC.