Cannon Students Become Global Citizens

International Trip Photo

While some of us were lounging on the beach this summer, Cannon students in grades 8 through 12 were becoming better global citizens as part of Cannon’s Travel Abroad program in France, Guatemala, and China.

Students on the France trip visited Paris and Nice and attended the EF International Language School where they studied alongside students from around the world. They participated in everything from cooking classes, to museum visits, and sightseeing trips, and by the end of the tour, they were able to navigate Nice and enter into conversation with French high school students and the local community.

Students on the Guatemala trip visited a Spanish-speaking school and performed service, which included working with a local church to build a classroom for youth activities, bringing groceries to a local family in need, and spending an afternoon with more than thirty children teaching them English words and creating a story book.

The China trip took students to Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, and the Tianli School—Cannon’s sister school. Students were hosted by families from the Tianli School, and they explored a number of sites that gave them glimpses of the most ancient and most modernized aspects of China.

Christian Wilson ’14 traveled to China and summed up the sentiment shared by so many of the Cannon students, “It was hanging with the high school students of the Tianli School that really showed me that while the Chinese students might like different things or look different, I had so much in common with them. We laughed at the same jokes, and they were just like my friends at home—something I definitely didn’t expect.”

For questions about the Travel Abroad program, please contact Dr. Sylvia Simard-Newman.