US Dean’s Core Values

Carolyn Hynes demonstrated TEAMWORK and KINDNESS when she unjammed a teacher’s surly desk.  Thank you, Carolyn!

Kelli Baker and Harrison Barone demonstrated TEAMWORK and KINDNESS when they agreed to stay behind and clean up after some very messy classmates.  Thank you so much, both of you!

Sophia La Pietra demonstrated KINDNESS when she came into school, adorned with Starbucks to assist Mrs. Stavrakas in grading papers.  Thanks Sophia!

Aspen Stevanovski demonstrated KINDNESS when she noticed Mrs. Stavrakas finishing up some last minute grading and asked if she could take the make-up folder to its next location.  Thanks Aspen!

Jack Amoroso, Patrick Hunter, and Brad Schlosser demonstrated TEAMWORK when they stepped up to help a classmate who spilled water.  Thanks guys!

Eric Fromke demonstrated KINDNESS by directing traffic in the pouring rain without an umbrella.  That’s dedication, Eric!