Play, pressure, and embracing failure

Some days, our  inboxes fill up with useless messages that somehow find their way through the spam filter.18  Today, though, my inbox has lit up with a number of notes from teachers, coaches, and friends  — each one complete with links to some interesting articles and blog posts.

As fate would have it, there’s even a common thread or two among these links.

In a nutshell:

  • play and sleep are vital to every child’s development
  • failure is okay every once in a while
  • schools need to remember that development matters (not just achievement)
  • physical activity results in brain development

Here are the links:

Dr. David Gleason on the dangers of schools becoming “pressure cookers”

A classic Psychology Today article on the importance of letting children fail

One Kindergarten teacher’s comment on the importance of play

Sparking Life’s findings on the importance of exercise to brain development


Happy reading!



Cannon School is a JrK through grade 12 independent school in Concord, NC.  Students in Lower and Middle School at Cannon have Physical Education class everyday!