US Dean’s Core Values

John Haddock showed KINDNESS when he helped move some food upstairs for BIOREX.

Amanda Harris, Sophie Roerig, and Corbin Pomykata showed KINDNESS and TEAMWORK when they unloaded a bunch of prom decorations from Dean Booker’s car and took them to Ms. Eury’s room.  Many thanks!

Kelli Baker, Ben Campbell, Kendall Thomas, Joe Joe Vaccaro, Katie McClanahan, and Christian Stylianou demonstrated TEAMWORK when they helped College Counseling with the interview process!  Thank you for your input into this important decision!

Tommy Prindle demonstrated INTEGRITY and TEAMWORK when he helped to return the library to order after the senior superlative lunch.  Thanks Tommy!

Darren David demonstrated COURAGE and INTEGRITY by owning up to a mistake he made.  You rock, Darren!

Price Dawson, Evan Wimbish, Nick Tubbs and Daniel Knox demonstrated TEAMWORK and RESPECT for discarding the big monkey and cleaning up the game room without being asked.  Thank you, guys!