US Dean’s Core Values

Murray Farrington, Eric Zelina, Timmy Hennigan, Tyler Brown, and Leah Baker demonstrated KINDNESS when they unloaded a big piece of furniture for Dean Booker.  Many thanks!!!!!

Myles Martino, Myles Grier, Darren David, and Dahmir Boswell demonstrated TEAMWORK by helping to set up for community meeting.  Thanks guys!

Jessica Abel demonstrated PASSION by leading her advisory through the student life activity.  Give Jess a high-five!

Christian Wilson demonstrated KINDNESS when he tracked down a student who had printed out her paper but had not yet retrieved it.  Way to go, Christian!

Joe Joe Vaccaro and Elizabeth Lovett demonstrated TEAMWORK, KINDNESS and RESPECT when they videotaped a teacher’s lessons for her National Board.  Give these students a Cougar Growl!  GRRR!