Cannon School buddies become friends for life…

What is the magic of independent schools?  What makes Cannon School’s community so special? Answers to questions like these are often found in the little things that happen on campus every day.

The story below caught my eye yesterday.  It was originally published in Cannon School’s weekly parent online newsletter, The Cupola.  It was written by a current Cannon upper school student.


By: Caroline Schauder ’16

Caroline wrote the following article as part of her participation in “The Agency,” the Office of Advancement’s marketing internship for Upper School students.

A few weeks ago, Kenan Bullard, a current kindergartener, wrote in her daily journal, “If I had wings, I would fly to Florida to see my senior buddy.” As it turns out, her wish to see her senior buddy came true, but this time, Katie Shaw ’12, a current freshman at Florida State University, traveled to her.ShawBullardJrKBuddies

Recently, the kindergarteners sent blank gingerbread babies, inspired from Jan Brett’s story Gingerbread Baby, to their senior buddies of 2012, who are now freshmen in college. The freshman then decorated them to represent the current school they are attending and returned them to their buddies. This is the inaugural year of the new program Buddies Beyond Cannon, started by alumni relations manager Lynda Abel with the help of parent volunteer Jennifer Kramer.

Buddies Beyond Cannon is a new alumni relations program built to maintain and foster the JrK/Senior buddy relationships built at Cannon. So far, they have had a great response, receiving gingerbread babies from UNC, ECU, NC State, UNC-W, Florida Southern, and now Florida State. Mrs. Abel and Mrs. Kramer strive to continue and grow this program in the hope of building lasting relationships between alumni and current students, and eventually connecting the past with the future of Cannon.