US Dean’s Core Values

Adam Swez demonstrated KINDNESS when he returned a stack of trays to the cafeteria for Dean Booker.  Thanks, Swez! You rock!!

Brendan Joyce showed KINDNESS when he brought a lunch bag to Dean Booker to take to a student.

Mitchell Carlson demonstrated RESPECT when he opened the door for a teacher yesterday.  Thanks Mitchell!

Price Dawson demonstrated KINDNESS by helping a student study for a math test.  Give Price a high-five!

Tias Sen demonstrated KINDNESS when she got extra Kleenex for a teacher.  Thanks Tias!

Mary Cannon Dickens demonstrated INTEGRITY when she was honest in noticing similar answers on tests. She did not want to repeat same answers as on computer test.  Way to go, Mary Cannon!

Andrew Newman demonstrated TEAMWORK as he led and organized a team by himself for an Adopt-A-Highway event last week.  Good work, Andrew!