Cannon School encourages an adaptive expertise

At Cannon School, students at every grade level are encouraged to develop the skills of an adaptive expert.  While most Cannon students and parents are familiar with what adaptive expertise is all about, we recognize that the term isn’t exactly a household word (yet!) among prospective parents and new-to-Cannon families.adaptive expertise image for trademark office

Matt Gossage, Cannon’s Head of School, shares an overview of the concept in this excerpt from the Adaptive Expertise section of our web site:

“…adaptive expertise is more than a concept at Cannon School. It’s something that we as teachers, parents, and students consider daily in our respective roles. We create opportunities to talk about it, to live it in the classroom, and to build creative partnerships between parents and the School. The type of expertise we advocate is built upon effort and a daily commitment to hard work. This type of expertise includes habits of mind and habits of spirit that acknowledge there is more to learn.”

Read Matt’s full explanation of Adaptive Expertise to learn more!

Cannon School hosts an Admission Open House on February 23rd at 1:00 p.m.