US Dean’s Core Values

Bailey Middleton, Joe-Joe Vaccaro, Will Yoder, Andrew Zelina, Tori Campbell, Logan Foster, Jodie Jackson, and Jacqueline deGorter demonstrated PASSION when they shared their impressions of AP European History with the rising sophomore class.  Thank you all!

Jillian Ghuneim, Madeline Guise, Dina Ibrahim, Tias Sen, Megan Wellborn, Jameson Williams, Jessica Abel, Taylor Bunten, John Dockery, Rachel Dyl,  Carolyn Hynes, Brendan Joyce demonstrated PASSION when they served on a student panel to share information with their peers about the summer opportunities they’ve participated in!  Thanks guys!

Andrew Newman demonstrated REPSECT when he emptied the huge recycling bin in front of teachers’ conference room.  Way to go, Andrew!

David Shaw and Andrew Dunbar demonstrated kindness and teamwork by emptying and cleaning Mr. Jean’s recycle bin.

Sophie Bitar demonstrated kindness by picking up a package from the Lower School and delivering it to the Media Arts Lab.