US Dean’s Core Values


Cameron Garland demonstrated KINDNESS when he took time off his class work and offered to help a new student set up his OneNote book for class.  Excellent work!

Trevor McWilliams, Blake Brewer, Bradley Barnhart, Jeffrey Schachner, Dominic Vaccaro, Tyler Brown, Timmy Hennigan, Murray Farrington demonstrated TEAMWORK for the sacrifice, friendship, and support they’ve provided to the women’s varsity basketball program and its players.  The Winter Wonders deserve a huge Cougar Growl!  GRRR!

CJ Davidson demonstrated KINDNESS when he open the door for a fellow student.  Give CJ a big Cougar Growl!  GRR!

Adam Swez demonstrated KINDNESS by returning a big baking tray to the cafeteria for a teacher.  Thank you, Swez!