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US Dean’s Core Values

December 17, 2012


Mrs. Huffman’s B Block World History Class: Andre Dahan, Cassidy Goff, Rachel Harris, Ann Fisher Lindsay, Katie McClanahan, Emma Montgomery, Davis Nelson, Donovan Patterson, Dom Pelucio, Will Schmitt, James Sirois, Izzy Sofio, Hannah Stewart, Christina Stylianou, Klee Wilson, Jack Workman, and Eva Zafari all demonstrated INTEGRITY when their study hall proctor did not appear in Foundation Hall and the entire class stayed there and worked quietly.  Way to go, guys! I’m so proud of you all!

Rai Swick demonstrated PASSION when she collected all of the information about athletics, core values, etc. and then entered it into the database for House Animus!

Timmy Hennigan showed KINDNESS when he emptied the recycling bin in Ms. Trojan’s room. Outstanding work, Timmy!!!

Dante Lowe demonstrated TEAMWORK when he played with the US and MS bands at the band concert! The MS bass clarinet player had the flu! Adaptive expert AND CV!! Double duty!!

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