US Dean’s Core Values

Tommy Chepke and Michael Pope showed KINDNESS when they helped a fellow student lift some heavy boxes for the pet supply drive.  Give them a high-five when you see them!

Mr. Andy Macdonald demonstrated TEAMWORK and KINDNESS when he returned to the cafeteria after the pancake lunch to help clean up.  Thank you, Mr. Mac!

Sally Fowler demonstrated TEAM WORK when she took notes during a review game while everyone else was playing around and then formalized them and sent them out to everyone for studying tonight for our test tomorrow. What a rock star!!!

Paige Brown, Madeline Guise, Katie Kendall, Lydia Middleton, Jaclyn Konefal, Hannah Hartman, Mrs. Morrell, Ms. Eury , Megan Welborn, Emily Kurtz, Ian Hicks, Anneliese Schlesinger, Ms. Lineberger, Carly Davis , Madi Waugh, Emily Beeken, Katie Maness, Katie Fitzpatrick, and Jake Flynn demonstrated KINDNESS by baking for a Christmas in Davidson Fundraiser that Katherine Goode and Victoria Godley did as a part of their Capstone project.  Thanks everyone!