US Dean’s Core Values

Michael Pope demonstrated PASSION when he chose to stay back after school to design a more sophisticated version of an advanced, college-level lab with his teacher, which was then successfully performed by the entire class the next day.

Kristen Russell, Kent Andrews, Danny Brenner, Mark Regnery, David Shaw, John Dockery, Michael Pope, Christian Wilson, Alex Leck, Wes Buchanan, Thomas Goode, Brett Morton, Sally Fowler, and Ian Hicks showed PASSION and TEAMWORK when they participated in eth Davidson Christmas Parade over the weekend! Great job!!!!

corevalue15  Mohit Bajaj, Cassidy Goff, Bella Jacoby, Kyle Kays, and Caroline Schauder demonstrated RESPECT towards our Career Lunch & Learn speaker, Dr. Busby, in making him feel welcome. Thank you!