US Dean’s Core Values

Jordan Lauher, Cassidy Goff, and Hannah Stewart demonstrated incredible PASSION on their own and without any instructions from adults when Mr. Diskin was late arriving to Christmas in Davidson, they found all the appropriate promotional materials stored under the table, displayed the materials and give-away candy canes nicely, ran the extension cords (also stored under the table) to the power supply behind the booth, set up the new portable lighting (which we haven’t used in the past), decorated the booth with holiday decorations, and were all set and ready to meet with people before the 6:00 start.  These three incredible student ambassadors deserve a huge Cougar Growl for their initiative and efforts!  GRRR!

Erin Norton demonstrated KINDNESS by cleaning her teacher’s board just to be nice!  Thanks Erin!

Jacqueline de Gorter demonstrated TEAMWORK when she shared a helpful study link with all of her classmates.  Thanks Jacqueline!

Jake Stewart and Evan Wimbish demonstrated RESPECT by carrying bags in for their teacher.  Way to go, guys!

David Shaw demonstrated KINDNESS when he offered to throw a bunch of plastic bottles from a trash can into the correct recycling cans.  Give David a high-five!