US Dean’s Core Values

Jake Jenike demonstrated TEAMWORK when he let another student borrow his calculator during a quiz after the student’s calculator lost power.  Way to go, Jake!

Uday Uppal demonstrated TEAMWORK when he volunteered to fix a document on Haiku to make it more student-friendly.  Thank you, Uday!

Tori Campbell demonstrated KINDNESS when coming over to help a teacher carry her things and even opened her car door.  Thanks Tori!

Gracie Swink demonstrated INTEGRITY by turning in a lost i-Phone.  Thanks Gracie!

Ryan Murphy demonstrated RESPECT and KINDNESS when he voluntarily wheeled his teacher down the hallway so she didn’t have to struggle to walk on a hurt ankle. Thanks Ryan!

Anthony Perrino demonstrated INTEGRITY when he offered to leave the room during chemistry class when the teacher had almost begun discussing the answers to a quiz he hadn’t taken.  Way to go Anthony!