US Dean’s Core Values

Blake Brewer demonstrated TEAMWORK when during AP Psych the internet and tablet failed to work for Mrs. Hylton and Blake created a “hot spot” with his phone to reconnect to the internet so Mrs. Hylton could reload her power point and continue the lecture. Thank you Blake! Great Thinking!

Alex Enrique demonstrated TEAMWORK  and KINDNESS by volunteering to create a Word Within the Word Quizlet combining week #35 words with weeks #31-34.  Thanks Alex!

Jacqueline de Gorter demonstrated KINDNESS when she went to get orange juice for a teacher (who was experiencing low blood sugar).  Thanks Jacqueline!

Matt Dacus,  Eric Zelina, Blake Brewer, and Sam Workman demonstrated PASSION when they did such a good job welcoming visitors and sharing about Cannon!!!!

Darren David showed TEAMWORK when he helped with an errand. Give him a Cougar GRRRRR!