US Dean’s Core Values

Mohit Bajaj, Kelli Baker, Harrison Barone, Ben Campbell, Everett Craven, Chris Gaskin, Trip Goff, Jonathan Koshy, Ziyu Liao, Bailey Middleton, Taylor Shue, and Dara Tokenboh demonstrated a PASSION for learning by voluntarily giving up their student choice to make up a class lecture they missed due to technical difficulties.  You guys rock! Xoxox

Clayton Merrill and Jack Workman demonstrated TEAMWORK by helping Mrs. Otey move her desk to retrieve a fallen object.  Way to go, guys!

Ann Fisher Lindsay, George Lovett, Gracie Swink, Caroline Malmstrom, Preston Miller, and Jack Workman demonstrated RESPECT by cleaning up the freshman hallway on Friday afternoon.  Thank you Cougars!

Hannah Hartman demonstrated incredible KINDNESS by escorting a sick student to the nurse. Thank you so much, Hannah!

Darren David demonstrated TEAMWORK when he assisted setting up bottle recycling stations.  Way to go, Darren!

Sidney Green demonstrated INTEGRITY by turning in a phone she found.  Way to go, Sidney!