Cannon School students live with honor

One of the most important aspects of Cannon School life is its honor system, a fundamental part of the Character Education program of the Upper School. 

The objective of this system is to instill in students values that will reinforce conducting themselves with integrity.  It is Cannon School’s desire that the spirit of the Honor Code become a guiding force in the life of every student. 

For such a system to be effective, every member of the school community—students, parents, faculty, and staff—must believe in and support its principles.  

In order to ensure that freedom and integrity prevail at Cannon’s Upper School, students, parents, faculty, and staff accept the responsibility of upholding an honor system.

We believe that an atmosphere of truth is basic to the system of cooperation and mutual respect on which Cannon Upper School is founded.  While attending Cannon Upper School, each student must realize the importance of personal honesty.

Yesterday at Upper School Community Meeting, all 343 students — along with faculty and staff — signed their names to the Honor Code, thereby agreeing to live according to its highest standards of integrity and truth.