US Dean’s Core Values

Dara Tokunboh demonstrated INTEGRITY when she turned in an amount of money to Mr. Dunn, who then turned it into M.s Pinto.  Way to go Dara!!!

Darren David demonstrated KINDNESS when he collected student folders after class.  Way to go, Darren!

Anna Redding demonstrated KINDNESS when she cleaned up the classroom after a project.  Give Anna a high-five!

Jordan Battle demonstrated TEAMWORK when he helped a girl on crutches by carrying her drink to her seat.   At the time, he was already in line helping Donovan Patterson navigate the lunch line on crutches. Great job, Jordan.  Welcome to Cannon!

Moonsung Lee demonstrated RESPECT by picking up and turning in a lost ID card.  Thanks Moonsung!

Lydia Middleton demonstrated KINDESS when she volunteered and escorted a new student to an arts class.  Give Lydia a high-five!

Dina Fahmey demonstrated KINDNESS by helping her advisor prepare materials for the first day of school. Thanks Dina!!!

Caroline Schauder demonstrated KINDNESS by showing new students to the art room in the Middle School on the first day!  Way to go, Caroline!

Davis Nelson demonstrated KINDNESS by helping a fellow student who is disabled hand in an assignment.  Thanks Davis!

Gabriel Allocco, Ben Dorfman, Ben Wyatt, and Ryan Marks demonstrated TEAMWORK by taking items to Taylor Hall for a teacher.  Thanks guys!Anna gets a growl!