Honoring the honorable at Cannon School

At Cannon School, we spend a great deal of time working with students on things like reading, math, and science.  We help students find ways to solve problems, to adapt, and to choose the best tools for the job at hand.

But we realize that those lessons only matter if we are also supporting our students in their efforts to learn how to be good people.

With that in mind, twice a year, our upper school community comes together to pass out swords.  Yes, swords.  In this case, Honor Swords. These sharp, shiny steel objects — most often thought of as weapons — actually represent something quite positive here at Cannon.

Being called up in front of the entire upper school community to be handed a sword means you have done some pretty special things — and your teacers and classmates have noticed.

From a recent issue of The Cupola, our community newsletter:

Choosing a recipient for the Upper School Honor Sword is a tough task every semester because honor plays such a meaningful role in our community. Upper School students – as do their schoolmates in Lower School and Middle School – exhibit honor every day.

The sword ceremony tradition began with the 2008-2009 Honor Council. Each year, the council twice recognizes honor-bound students from each grade with a ceremony and plaque of recipient names that hangs in the Upper School Commons.

The recipient of the freshman sword goes beyond in every aspect of his life. Chris Gaskin (pictured) is honorable in every sense of the word. From his school work to his soccer team, he always does the right thing.

Sophomore Vanessa Dane follows the Honor Code because, for her, true success comes from her own hard work. She always strives to do her best and is described as “thoughtful, imaginative, and driven.”

Brett Morton, a junior, can be counted on to treat others fairly at school, at home, and with friends. He consistently upholds what he believes to be right and is passionate about the things he loves.

Bryan Dobbs, our senior recipient, is considered by classmates and teachers as a young man of integrity and honesty, one who can be counted on in any situation.