US Dean’s Core Values


            Jake Marchant and Matthew Godley demonstrated KINDNESS and TEAMWORK when showing concern for a friend who couldn’t find her car keys and helping her look for them.  Way to go, guys!

            Kyle Kays demonstrated KINDNESS when he volunteered his phone charger for a teacher to charge her phone.  Thanks Kyle!

            Bri Wyatt demonstrated COURAGE by being the “teacher for the day” and leading her class in an oral review of activities. You did a great job Bri! 

            Jesse Ojanen demonstrated TEAMWORK when he cheered on the sophomore girls during the tug of war competition.  Way to go, Jesse!

            Charles Sterner demonstrated TEAMWORK when he delivered a box from the lower school to his teacher.  Thanks Charles!

            John Morgan Wilson demonstrated INTEGRITY when he asked to be excused from class when we were going over a quiz he hadn’t yet taken.  Give JM a high-five!