US Dean’s Core Values


            Mary Margaret Campbell demonstrated INTEGRITY when she checked in with her teacher immediately following an absence to get make up work and to arrange to take a test.  Way to go, MM!

            Dre Reid demonstrated KINDNESS when he willingly gave up his study space so that a group of faculty could meet there.  Thanks, Dre. 

            Darren David demonstrated KINDNESS when he volunteered to be the photographer for Mrs. Holloway’s advising picture. Thank you, Darren!

            Grant deGorter demonstrated KINDNESS by donating to Kids of Kadiogne even after he was unable to buy crêpes.  Thank you so much!

            Austin Larkin demonstrated PASSION for his fantastic contribution of time, effort and energy toward the French fundraiser for Senegal.  Give Austin a huge Cougar Growl!  GRRR!

            Barry Hawkins demonstrated RESPECT for our building when he picked up a piece of trash he found as he was walking down the spiral staircase.  Give Barry a high-five!