US Dean’s Core Values

             Leah Baker, Trevor McWilliams, Chris Preziosi, JD Wimbish, and Ben Boesel all demonstrated kindness and teamwork when helping out a group of students working on a Spanish project. Thanks for your help guys!

            Scott Krusell demonstrated KINDNESS by helping Ms. Morgann carry over items from her classroom.  Thanks Scott!

            Matthew Godley demonstrated INTEGRITY by finding keys and turning them in to lost and found.  Way to go, Matthew!

            Tim Gruber demonstrated TEAMWORK when he gracious entertained the first graders while Ms. Bogart’s class organized themselves for their activity. Thank you!

            Remy Hoffman, Andrew Manley, and Hailey Wade demonstrated KINDNESS when they helped Ms. Bogart carry up all the toys from their experiment back to the 3rd floor. Thank you!

            Alec Wintering, Alex Chandler, Alyssa Dorfman, Dana Norton, and Emily Lancaster demonstrated TEAMWORK by collecting the recycling on Friday afternoon before our Open House.  Give these students a huge Cougar Growl!  GRRR!