US Dean’s Core Values

             Jodie Jackson demonstrated COURAGE when she volunteered to be dunked during the Homecoming festivities.  Brrr! Grr!

            Kendall Thomas demonstrated KINDNESS when she helped Dara Tokunboh with her Physics homework.  Way to go Kendall!!!   Grrrrrrr!

            Katie Cooper showed RESPECT for our school when she gave up part of her drop to vacuum the freshman hallway.  You go grrrrrrrll!

            Paul Anderson demonstrated KINDNESS by bringing a chair to a dance chaperone.  Thanks Paul!

            Tim Gruber demonstrated KINDNESS by paying entry price into the dance for a friend when no change was available.  Way to go, Tim!

            Timmy Hennigan demonstrated KINDNESS by sharing pla-doh with the entire friendship club.  Give Timmy a high-five!

            Derek Gordon demonstrated INTEGRITY when he took it up on himself to reschedule a meeting with a teacher when the teacher was unable to keep the original time.  Go you, Derek! GRRR!

            Grant Gossage demonstrated INTEGRITY when he did not borrow a watch at the last minute in order to earn bonus points on his quiz.  Way to be honorable, Grant!

            Adele Marchant demonstrated KINDNESS by moving a filing cart into her teacher’s classroom.  Thanks Adele!