US Dean’s Core Values

             Paul Anderson demonstrated RESPECT and KINDNESS when he volunteered to bring a heavy box from the lower to the upper school.  Thanks, Paul!

            Madeleine Farrington and Will Gordon demonstrated KINDNESS by turning in a student’s lost items.  Thanks guys!

            Chris Gaskin demonstrated KINDNESS by securing a laptop he found that belonged to a friend.  Give Chris a high five!

            Dre Reid, Kelli Baker, and Andrew Nielsen demonstrated RESPECT for our building when they vacuumed the mess left by other students in the Commons.  Give these students a HUGE Cougar Growl!  GRRR!

            Peter Buch and Mike Sumner demonstrated TEAMWORK by cleaning out a faculty file cabinet so it could be delivered to another user.  Thanks guys!

            Tavia Hall demonstrated RESPECT by putting away all the headsets at her table so her group would have room to work.  Way to go, Tavia!

            Alyssa Dorfman and Kenzie Moyer demonstrated KINDNESS for bringing in comfort food for advisory.  Thanks girls!

            Daniel Wyatt and Alli Gray demonstrated KINDNESS for delivering a package for Dr. Donah.  Way to go, guys!

            Ryan Worgan demonstrated KINDNESS when he ran all over campus for Dean Booker to help a connect a senior with his JrK buddy.