US Dean’s Core Values

Brandon earns a growl from Dean Booker!

             Brandon Ralston and John Haddock demonstrated RESPECT for our building by vacuuming the freshmen hallway after lunch.  Way to go, guys!

            Victoria Godley and Hailey Foreman demonstrated KINDNESS when they helped carry items to Dr. Donah’s car.  Thanks girls!

            John Haddock demonstrated RESPECT when he remained in class after the bell to help clean up pieces to a game that his peers had left out of place.  Ms. Hurtado really appreciated his help in getting the room ready for next block.  Thanks John!

            Andrew Newman demonstrated RESPECT for Cannon property when he picked up random trash outside of the high school building. Give Andrew a Cougar Growl!  GRRR!

            Hannah Taylor showed INTEGRITY when she found money in the US and turned it in to Ms. Story.