US Dean’s Core Values


  Tim Gruber, Cassie Calvert, Mackenzie Moyer, and Madison Miller demonstrated COURAGE, INTEGRITY, PASSION, TEAMWORK, REPSPECT, and KINDNESS for their leadership, mentorship, and support of the runners on the Cross Country Team.  Thank you for inspiring these runners to not only do their best, but to also follow in your footsteps!

  Leah Baker, Scott Krusell, Eric Rossitch, Jason Willix demonstrated RESPECT and TEAMWORK when helping Ms.Guidi to clean up and fold up tables after the club fair! High five to all of you!!

  Will Bost and Eric Fromke demonstrated KINDNESS by running an errand for Dr. Donah.  Thanks guys!

  Derek Gordon, Montel Lyles, Dre Reid demonstrated TEAMWORK and RESPECT when helping to move around some tables at the club fair. Thanks guys!

  Myles Grier and Alec Wintering demonstrated INTEGRITY by removing recyclable bottles from the trash can and placing them in the proper receptacle.  Way to go, guys!