US Dean’s Core Values


  Daniel Brenner, Scottie Dickens, Erin Flynn, Trip Goff, William Gordon, Jared Hamilton, Addison Hearn, Taylor Marks, Nick Reid, and Joseph Szilagyi demonstrated TEAMWORK when they helped unload a palette of art supplies and carry boxes from the loading dock to the studio.  Thanks a ton!

  Steven Bennett and Andrew Dunbar demonstrated KINDNESS when they moved some heavy boxes that were stacked on the drafting tables in the art studio.  Thanks!

  Thomas Goode demonstrated PASSION and TEAMWORK when he expressed interest in getting club pages on Haiku and when he followed through and went to Mr.Trojan to talk about it. Thanks Thomas!!

  Jake Vowell demonstrated INTEGRITY in math class when he erased information that was still on the board before a test.  Way to respect our honor code, Jake!

  Caitlin Scolaro demonstrated KINDNESS and TEAMWORK when she volunteered to make all of the charts for Mrs. Holloway’s True Colors activity. Thanks so much, Caitlin!

  Emily Fromke and Anna Redding demonstrated RESPECT when they picked up trash in the hallway including returning a lunch tray to the cafeteria.  This was the trash that was left after a teacher had pointed out trash left in the hallway to students sitting in the hall earlier.  Give these girls a big Cougar Growl!  GRRR!

  William Gordon demonstrated KINDNESS when another student’s paper blew across the room, and he got up out of his desk to retrieve it.  Thanks Will!