US Dean’s Core Values


  Anna Redding demonstrated KINDNESS by turning in a lunch box she found outside.  Thanks Anna!

  Leah Baker demonstrated RESPECT when she cleaned up plastic bottles left behind on the second floor.  Give Leah a huge Cougar Growl!  GRRR!

  Matthew Godley demonstrated KINDNESS by holding the door open for LS students on their way to school.  Way to go, Matthew!

  Alec Wintering demonstrated great TEAMWORK when he offered to help an underclassmen carry treats down the busy hallway between classes!  Give Alec a high five!

  Scottie Dickens demonstrated great KINDNESS by volunteering to bring her whole English class tasty brownies!  Thanks Scottie!

  Will Gordon and Ryan Murphy demonstrated RESPECT when they cleaned up the freshman hallway.

  Ann Rollins and Darby West demonstrated RESPECT when they took trays left in the hall back to the cafeteria.