US Dean’s Recognition of Core Values for 4/28

  Tim Gruber, Kenzie Moyer, Vanessa Dane, and Angela Poffenbaugh demonstrated RESPECT when they went to the Snyder building to bring up boxes for Dr. Donah.  Way to go, guys!

  Mr. Kmidowski demonstrated COURAGE by being a pro and finding and returning a long lost math book to its owner, Bryan Metz.  Thanks Mr. K!

  Paige Brown demonstrated TEAMWORK by helping to clean and organize her history classroom.  Way to go, Paige!

  Jesse Ojanen demonstrated PASSION when he noticed and corrected a decimal error in a problem set.  Give Jesse a high five!

  Charley Powell demonstrated INTEGRITY when he immediately turned in a valuable found object, and suggested (correctly) who might be the owner.  Give Charley a Cougar Growl!  GRRR!