US Deans Recognition of Core Values for 2/16

Nora gives her fellow advisee, Carrie Ann a fearsome Cougar Growl!

  Paul Anderson and Timmy Hennigan demonstrated PASSION when they rearranged classroom furniture to replicate an authentic interview situation for Spanish class activity.  Thanks guys!

  Carly Davis demonstrated RESPECT when she returned several trays to the cafeteria that students left stacked on top of a trash can in the Upper School.  Give Carly a HUGE COUGAR GROWL!  GRRR!

  Bryan Metz demonstrated RESPECT when offering to help a teacher who was struggling to move a TV cart down the hall.  Thanks Bryan!!

Michael gets a buch of growls from his Advisory!

Mike DeLuca demonstrated TEAMWORK when he helped a student with two broken wrists get his backpack on.  Way to go, Mike!

  Carrie Anne White demonstrated INTEGRITY when she reminded students not to talk about a quiz she hadn’t taken yet.  Give Carrie Anne a big high five!