Upper School Deans Recognition of Core Values for 2/7

  Mike DeLuca demonstrated RESPECT when he offered to take a student who wasn’t feeling well to the school nurse and even carried her books for her.  Thanks Mike!

Michael gets a firm handshake form Dean Booker

Lydia earns a high five from Dean Hutchinson

  Lydia Middleton demonstrated TEAMWORK when she helped a classmate assemble a lab report packet to get it turned in on time.  Give Lydia a high five!

  Austen Poteet demonstrated TEAMWORK when he adjusted the classroom lights so an overhead display could be seen better.  Thanks Austen!

  Woody Liles demonstrated INTEGRITY by reminding his teacher that three members of the swim team would be missing class due a swim meet.  Thank you, Woody!

  Bryan Metz demonstrated RESPECT when he stayed after the Tianli performance and stacked chairs, then cleaned up the Junior hallway.  Thanks! GGGGGGGRRRRrrrr!