The Cannon Theater Company – Rehearsal with CTC, Part 1

For the Cannon Theater Company, show time is fast approaching. Today concluded the last week of regular rehearsal for our winter play, Alice in Wonderland. Starting at 9 am Saturday morning, it will be Tech Week.

It’s been a long, exhausting, and fun rehearsal process so far. Alice in Wonderland contains one of the largest casts CTC has worked with in years – over thirty different characters. Over the last four weeks we have designed the set, designed costumes, painted platforms, sewn costumes, learned lines, and organized blocking. We have rehearsed dutifully from 3 pm until 5:15 for weeks, even organizing a Skype rehearsal to get around snow days. Alice is almost ready to be presented to the Cannon public.

But the most intense – and many say, most fun – part of the rehearsal process is yet to come. “Tech Week,” a phrase revered, loved and hated by generations of Cannon Theater members, is when the show finally comes together. We will rehearse the show full-tilt throughout next week, going late into the night if we need to. CTC is eagerly anticipating our showtime, almost as much as we are nervously anticipating the week that will lead up to it.

By: Madeline Hurley

(Alice in Wonderland, adapted by Michele L. Vacca, will be presented in Taylor Hall on February 10th, 11th, and 12th at 7 pm and February 12th at 1 pm. It is appropriate for all ages.)