Upper School Deans Recognition of Core Values for 1/14

  “Crystal Bennett, Tabitha Horney, and Mitali Samant all went Beyond during Open House last week.  I was very impressed with all three young women.  I had parents who were at Cannon to consider JrK, but were also interested in getting a feel for the whole school and what the future might look like for their child. I took them over to see the upper school and all three students spent time answering their questions.  The students were articulate and patient with the parents and very enthusiastic about Cannon School.  The parents were all very impressed.  I wanted to let you know that they not only went Beyond, they also showed our Core Value of TEAMWORK.  They made me proud to be a teacher and a parent of Cannon School.” – Sandy Krusell

  Kenzie Moyer and Julie Harris demonstrated PASSION for staying after their practice to do the scorebook for the 8th grade boys basketball game. They easily could have said no but they helped us out a great deal.  Give these girls a big Cougar Growl!  GRRR!

Crystal gets a "growl" from Dean Booker