Upper School Deans Recognition of Core Values for 1/3

  Whitney Yaniero demonstrated TEAMWORK when she created a comprehensive and well diagramed review power point for her classmates and all students taking honors physics.  Way to go, Whitney!

  Eric Fromke and Tully Moyer demonstrated TEAMWORK when they moved desks into study group positions. Thanks, Fellas!

  Madeline Guise demonstrated TEAMWORK when she led two midterm review sessions and made a master copy of a review packet for her peers.  Thank you, Madeline!

  Wesley Scott demonstrated TEAMWORK when he has helped Dr. Simard-Newman in the classroom by being the official board cleaner.  He helps keep the room clean.  Way to go, Wesley!

  Michael Pope demonstrated INTEGRITY when he pointed out before a midterm that notes written on the board were still visable after they had been erased.  Thank you, Michael!