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TomBookerTom Booker, Dean of Students

My role is to empower students in leadership roles, manage our Student Life/Advisory program which is driven by our core values, and to work with students to encourage a safe, open, and welcoming culture. I enjoy working with students, catching them doing the right thing, celebrating their achievements, and helping them face challenges. I also teach two sections of AP Biology.

Fun fact: I am a devoted and bit nutty Lord of the Rings fan.


Joe TrojanAssociate Dean of Students & Upper School AP Statisics teacher

Early in my career I discovered that I received great satisfaction in helping others, whether I was training salesmen, teaching math, solving technology problems, or coaching sports. I live to impact lives. As a Dean, I look forward to building the same type of relationships with all students and helping them in all of their academic, athletic, artistic, and service endeavors. I am just as excited to be back in the classroom. I feel like I am coming full circle because I started my career as a math teacher, moved away from it, and later realized how much I missed the daily interaction with students. I believe that teaching will help me be a better Dean in that I will be more in tune with our students and their daily successes and struggles.

Fun Fact: I have become an avid runner and I have completed four marathons in four years.

SueRamseySue RamseyAssociate Dean of Students & Upper School English teacher

My ultimate goal as Dean is to grow students. While Cannon teens are striving and excelling academically they are simultaneously immersed in the student life program I manage. I encourage diversity, celebrate achievements, embrace vision, and offer leadership opportunities. I rejoice with our students daily and guide them to become fine contributors to the greater community. Working closely with youth is my passion. Walking beside Cannon families is my honor.

Fun Fact: I am a thrill seeker who has hang glided and sky dived.

ST970editBob Aycock, Web Coordinator

As a member of the Office of Advancement, I am responsible for the direction and maintenance of the School website, focusing on strategy, content, and design. I manage the School’s website along with all of our social media channels, ensuring that the School, students, and staff are portrayed in a positive manner online. I also collaborate with the Office of Advancement on marketing and online initiatives.

Fun fact: I am a Disney fanatic and enjoy visiting Walt Disney World Resort with my family at least once a year.

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