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Bill_headshot_sqBill Diskin, Director of Admission and Financial Aid

Bill is Director of Admission and Financial Aid at Cannon School.  Over his 20-plus years working in independent schools, he’s been an English teacher, field hockey and lacrosse coach, and athletic director. Originally from Pittsburgh, Bill lives in Charlotte with his wife, Nicole, and three of their children.

Fun fact: Bill was the poet laureate of York, PA from 2002 to 2004.


Ellen G., Class of 2017

Ellen came to Cannon in 7th grade. She recently started playing golf, is a former volleyball player, and also has a fashion and beauty blog. Ellen enjoys math class and finds AP Environmental Science extremely interesting.

Fun fact: Ellen hopes to write a column one day for a fashion and beauty magazine, or go into the fashion or beauty industry in general.

Jessica-BlogJessica Shirey, Cannon School Parent

Jessica is a current parent at Cannon School who lives in Concord. Jessica is a home-based Travel Consultant and she is originally from the Pittsburgh, PA area. Her husband and son, Arv and Will Vasudevan, think that her blogging qualifications are based on her daily parenting misadventures more than her educational and professional background.

Fun fact: Jessica is an independent schools lifer and attended Valley School of Ligonier as a day student and Garrison Forest School as a boarding student.

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