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February 12, 2016

It’s penguin pandemonium in first grade! Students are working on a penguin inquiry unit, so teachers created learning experiences which integrate various disciplines. Children dunked their hands in a bucket of freezing water, then repeated the exercise with a “blubber mitt” to see how it provided insulation. They also had “waddle races” and balanced eggs between their feet like penguin daddies. Finally, they created life-size drawing of different penguin species – then measured each other to see if they were taller than an Emperor Penguin. It was a great way to build connections and understanding in the unit – and was also a lot of fun!

Meet the Peer Support Team!

January 29, 2016

Peer Support Team

Students Learn to Listen with An Open Mind and Heart

PSTThirteen Upper School students were selected to serve as student mentors on the new Peer Support Team (PST). Seniors Rebecca Akat, Sarah Dockery, Trey Fiscus, Rachel Harris, Ansley Martin, Steven McDermott, Sarah Miner, and Lexi Sisko and juniors Morgan Batley, Julia Dunn, Rose Edmondson, Makenzie O’Brien, and Zack Olguin were selected among almost forty highly qualified students who applied for the new program last spring.
The purpose of the PST is to provide Middle and Upper School students the opportunity to meet with a peer to discuss issues they may be struggling with socially or emotionally with the goal of reaching a wide range of students who may not otherwise seek help. PST members will continue ongoing training and regular meetings with team advisors, Upper School Counselor Anne Hoffman and Middle School Counselor Megan Thompson.
Since August, the PST members have been receiving weekly training in areas such as: active listening, confidentiality, multicultural awareness, addiction, suicide prevention and understanding grief. They are partnering with the Middle School to work with advisories on topics that Middle School deans and the counselor have identified.
“As soon as I heard of this opportunity, I knew I wanted to be a part of it,” said Rose Edmondson ’17. “I know what it feels like to need and want someone to talk to but just not sure who. I want to be a part of this team to be there to support and listen to my peers.”
Senior Steven McDermott is working closely with the Middle School as a PST member and also as part of his senior Capstone project. “The Peer Support Team has been an incredible experience this year and I have enjoyed working with the rest of the members,” he says.
Senior Ansley Martin says, “A good listener does not make harsh judgments, but understands with an open heart. A good listener makes someone feel important and cared for.” Senior Lexi Sisko adds, “I think a good listener is someone who listens with an open mind and offers comfort instead of judgment.”

Wonderful Winterm

January 13, 2016

Maddie & MargaretEach Upper School student at Cannon recently participated in Winterm, a week-long intensive course offering of his or her choice. More than forty course offerings were available for students, taught by faculty and staff. Some students participated in trips, such as a Sea Island Habitat for Humanity trip and an Arts and Culture Trip to New York City. However, most students stayed local, taking courses such as Introduction to Strength Training and Conditioning, Community Service with Taylor Glen Retirement Community Residents, Med School 101, Oil Painting, and Introduction to Diving.

Russ Campbell, Upper School teacher and Winterm Coordinator, led the Habitat for Humanity trip. “You can see how the kids learn to get outside their comfort zone, and as a result, grow together as a group. The experience is hard work, but also a lot of fun,” he said.

Maddie Woods ’18 participated in the Community Service with Taylor Glen Retirement Community.  She was paired with resident Margaret Cosier (pictured above) and the two quickly developed a bond.

“During my week at Taylor Glen, I learned incomparable life lessons that I believe will change the impact I leave on the world greatly. The strong relationship I built with Margaret, despite our differences in age and background, is something that I cherish with all of my heart and a memory that left me in tears at the end of our week together. Without my week at Taylor Glen, I doubt I would be quite as patient, kind, or as thoughtful as I am today, and it is all thanks to Margaret,” Maddie said.

For a complete gallery of Winterm images, click here.



Discover Cannon School!

December 11, 2015

Several prospective JrK friends joined Mrs. Rogers this morning for a Science Discovery class.Discovery Day

Among other activities, Cannon School’s Lower School Science Teacher, Mr. Powers, helped students makes their own crystals in the Lower School science lab.

“My daughter had a great time working with Mr. Powers and the other children,” said one parent visiting Cannon for the first time.  “The hands-on science project kept her completely engaged.”

Learn more about Cannon School’s Early Childhood Education Program and application process at .


Cannon School is a JrK – Grade 12 Independent School in Concord, NC.


Training to Tour

December 11, 2015

by Ellen G. ’17 

Student Ambassador Tour Guides training to give tours to prospective Cannon students and families!

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